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quote between vladimir putin and barack obama has been planned, not according to the kremlin, who have published a list of putin's official meetings. he was hoping to get a chance to talk with his american colleague. there have been strange and provocative comments coming out from the kremlin on that question.
exemptions under this law. it was ridiculous. russia's vladimir putin telling the u.s. and our business in the new york times. senator john mccain calling it an insult to the intelligence of every american. depending and sears, commissioner of the securities and exchange commission wants a better explanation from the stock exchanges about the massive interruption in the trading of nasdaq listed stocks a couple weeks ago. the future of dell computer decided in texas, shareholder vote to take the company private puts it back in the hands of its founder. week ii of the nfl kicks off between the jets and the patriots. we will accompany the keys save and a report of undercover cops posing in santa. that and more coming up on markets now. connell: good job with bo dietl back in the day. connell: dale earnhardt jr. coming up. dagen: talk about controversy, still staring away in nascar, penalties handed down and more. connell: the john mccain sea area comments, let's go to nicole petallides. nicole: looking at a market that is slightly positive. dow jones industrials four points. let's
. it will be interesting to see, vladimir putin is there to greet all the arriving dignitaries. there you go, there you see it. pretty warm handshake there, smiles for camera and there's barack obama the u.s. president he's officially arrived at the g-20 summit, shook vladimir putin hand. no chitchat, he walks street into the building. there you go. we're watching photographers. everyone is waiting for this moment to see how he is going to be greeted and what kind of reception he would get. very formal. the car is driving away. i'll get back to you on this. i might just have to interrupt you again. and in fact before i go to you, another car has just pulled up and another dignitary. the indonesian president there shaking putin's hand. also barnaby, the u.n. arab league envoy is also arriving at the summit. usually he would have no business being there, this is an economic summit but he's bringing in an agenda that really wouldn't go hand in hand with this summit and that's to try to get a syria conference or make people go to the syria conference. how does this change dynamics? >> well, i think it's a refl
. vladimir putin. >> putin has emerged as the sort of peacemaker in these negotiations. and the obama administration has cautiously backed his proposal for syria to surrender their chemical weapon stockpiles to international control. >> well, i request understand the caution. the phrase russian peace proposal is not a familiar one. i mean if you run a search on it, google assumes you misspelled it. (laughter) but you know what, what's the harm in giving this plan a go? >> no matter how you spin this it appears that putin really is kind of pulling the strings. >> putin looks like he's winning the day. >> vladimir putin has pretty much outplayed president obama if i can use an old southern term, like a broken banjo. >> he frankly walked all over. >> tossing obama around, i don't care what you say, like a rag doll. >> putin enjoys beating on obama and obama will always give up the lunch money. >> it seems like this may sound extreme but sort of cass stated the united states. >> jon: oh my god! we have had our balls cut off? ! and we don't have any more lunch money! (laughter) oh no! (che
by russian president vladimir putin. the key issues behind closed doors members of congress discuss and debate potential military action against syria. egypt's minister survives an assassination attempt. >>> workers across the country call for better working conditions and higher wages. >>> president obama and other world leaders have come together for the group of 20 summit. officially they're in spush to talk about the global economy but the debate over syria is dominating the summit. put the host of the summit, russia. mike vic viqueira, the presidens are not on good many terms. >> that's right. the setting is certainly ornate but he faces opposition from members of his own party and members of congress. pope francis weighing in, opposing military strikes, that president obama is here to gain some sort of consensus, if not consensus at least support around the margins of this meeting which after all is supposed to be economics. the president began his day with a bilateral meeting with the vice president of japan k shinto abe. even there at the traditional photo op, president obam
start with this. politics makes strange bedfellows and tonight america is in bed with vladimir putin. is this going to work? can we count on this guy to help news syria? is this in oish's interest to end the use of chemical weapons? do our two countries have -- isn't it obvious after what chechen nationalism did to us in the boston marathon, is it this that the americans and russia see a common enemy like in world war ii. could obama's failure to attack on syria get us to fight alongside each other. can this be the point in history we need? big question coming up in the show. first a political fight here at home. president obama's base support remains strong. the latest journal poll shows 78% of democrats, four out of five approve of the job he's doing right now as opposed to 16% who disapprove. that's stronger than the 45% approval nationally. 50% disapproval that president obama gets. the democrats are holding strong. congressman gregory meeks, a democrat from new york and clarence pace, a columnist for the chicago tribune. i want to start with the congressman up in new york. i'm a
. they don't even agree on who fired poison gas on whom. russian president vladimir putin claims it was the rebels, not the regime. he said so in an op ed for the "new york times." he also challenged the idea of american exceptionalism, essentially telling everyone in the united states to stop thinking we're so special. the times titled it "a plea for caution from russia" but it actually reeds like machiavellian political pokings tucked inside a scolding wrapped in the illusion of a plea, truly the russian nesting doll of oppeds. all day reaction to it. but beyond the political reactions a ticking clock. there's not much time to get a workable solution down. the second and final scheduled day of the summit is already underway. our international correspondent jim sciutto is standing by live in geneva. how do things stand after the first day of negotiations there? >> reporter: u.s. officials told us they're many coming in with a healthy dose of skepticism. you can see why those disagreements coming out very clearly and publicly on the first day of negotiations one over the use of f
. and just look at this crap, a plea for caution from russia, by vladimir v putin. by the way, the v, stands for vladimir. (laughter) another one, that's how russian he is. no surprise, folks, the great lady has got her legs spread for vlad the impailer here. they've got a long history of legitimizing ironfisted tyrants. in the 80ses could who forget qaddafi front page, hot for spring, moo-moo mannia. or in the 70s pol pot's misconnections page cambodian paranoid genocideo lover seeks educated city dweller for long walks, beautiful sunsets, no fatties. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: and the thing itself is a piece of crap. basically saying blah, blah, blah, don't attack our buddies in syria, the world wouldn't like it, it might be bad for you. but what really scrambled my fabrege egg is how putin ends it by questioning the one thing i liked about obama's syria speech. putin writes, i would rather disagree with the case he made on american exceptionalism. facing that the united states policy is what makes america different, it's what makes us exceptional it is extremely dangerous to encour
with russia's foreign minister about getting rid of syria's chemical weapons, vladimir putin does an op-ed blasting president obama's syrian policy. what does it mean for vladimir, kerry talks that start within the hour. >> i think it's clear the purpose was to weaken our resolve and make sure we would not fulfill our pledge to conduct military action if we have to. >> that's the discussions that secretary kerry had with foreign minister lavrov as well as make of the other players in this can yield a concrete result. i know he's going to be working very hard over the next several days to see what possibilities are there. >> we'll ask senate foreign relations chairman senator bob menendez for his reaction to putin's snipes. is this a real crack in assad's armor. the syrian dictator tells russian state tv he will give up his chemical weapons after long denying they even existed. >>> plus inside assad's opposition, the commander of the syrian rebel forces explains why they feel abandoned by the u.s.-russian diplomacy. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in geneva where john kerry is about to
digit gains on wall street. it becomes increasingly clear that vladimir putin proposal have stymied president obama is plans to attack syria. up 120 points on the day, dow jones industrial average 270 points higher over the last two sessions. as a vehicle points the nasdaq was up 21 both posted the sixth consecutive winning session. today reaching when i did $50 billion a great day as the nation awaits the president's address that is now two hours away for obama to lay on how he plans to proceed on syria fox news has confirmed moments ago that the president will call for a delay in the congressional vote to authorize military strikes against syria. also, one of the nation's largest unions paving the way for the non dues paying members. the afl-cio doing well richard trumka calls a crisis of membership that is really a crisis of declining membership adopting a resolution that allows anyone, anyone to join the ranks and not pay dues raising concerns among current members that the group abandoned the primary mission of worker representation to become nothing more than a political piece
over syria in hours. president obama and russian president vladimir putin come face-to-face. can he sell to the political adversary as well as the rest of the world? >> it doesn't feel right. there's no note. >> found hanging from a bed sheet in his prison cell this morning. new questions raised about the suicide of a cleveland kidnapper, ariel castro. >> it was like a split second and it just happened. >> lucky to be alive. the only way to describe this guy. an suv smash sboog a gas station. how this customer's forgetfulness saved his life. it pays off. >> i knew forgetting was going to pay off for me. good morning, happy new year. i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. >> we are going to begin with the latest on syria. the pressure mounts day by day on whether to support military strikes. >>> this morning the epidemic of the crisis is in st. petersburg, russia. the leaders of g-20 dead set. this could be a gathering to say the least. in a few hours, a moment that could be remarkable for stage clash and friction. >> president obama scheduled to shake hands with vladimir putin. w
of state john kerry and vladimir putin of russia having to do with who we might be helping. is it the radical islamists, al qaeda-linked terrorists or the syrian army, syria free army which we are told is more moderate although the leader said israel is their enemy. who would we be helping? >> that's the problem. no one knows. it's unknown and unknowable at this point. we look at the fact that a lot of rebels, on oh sigs forces are people who don't like us much. should we get involved in the civil war? ever so gently tip the scales in favor of the opposition. should that be led by those who don't like us much? it would be people with ties to al qaeda. that would be bad. >> let me go to oh contradictions that have come up. these are major like the keystone cops. first the president denied that a year ago he drew the red line. he said you guys in congress drew it. earlier the president called for a regime change. they said the on oh radiation would not be about re jet stream change. then john kerry said the attack will be unbelievably small. they walk that back as they walked
john mccain fires back at vladimir putin with a sharp opinion piece. we go to the russian newsstands in an attempt to find it. more than five centuries after he was killed on the battlefield, plans for a possible final resting place for king richard iii have been revealed. bbc has all the details. >> a warlord and the last king of the house of york, richard iii lived and died by the sword. but for 500 years, the whereabouts of the last king were unknown. his remains were finally found a year ago in a shallow grave, and .he city claim him as its own inside leicester cathedral, test drilling is under way. plans to reenter king richard need to insure the building can withstand it. the cathedral burial plans were unveiled today. these designs show a traditional place of honor will be the site mb where ad to memorial stone now lies. lester is pressing ahead, but they have a battle on their celebrates the city's ties, and many believe king richard should be buried there. the plantagenet alliance have reviewed the decision. >> they need to stop what they are doing. they need to wait for the
decision on syria and warned the west against taking action. president vladimir putin called the assertion that government -- that the government had used chemical weapons ludicrous. he indicated on wednesday that he may support an intervention if it is proved that damascus used staring gas on the people -- used staring gas -- used sarin gas on the people. >> i would not rule out military action, but i would draw your attention to one key fact. according to international law, only the un security council can sanction action against a state. >> president obama is intent on military action, even without u.n. approval. the senate will vote on legi slation that would limit any action to under 90 days and prevent troops from being put in the country on the ground. >> let's bring in a guest, joining us from moscow. these latest comments by putin -- is he softening his stance towards military action in syria? what do you here in moscow? >> we hear nothing like that. those close to the kremlin are saying putin's comments, which he made in an hour-long interview, only underline russia's position on
by russian president vladimir putin as g-20 gets under way in st. petersburg. walmart is the target of nationwide protests as workers across the country call for better jobs and higher wages. >>> the national forest service said the hundreds of acres that burned around yosemite was caused by an hunter with an illegal fire. [♪ music ] >> president obama and other world leaders have come together for the group of 20 summit. officially they're in st. petersburg to talk about the global economy, but the debate in syria is dominating talk on the sidelines at the summit, and it has put the u.s. at odds with russia. mike viqueira is traveling with the president. mike, vladimir putin and barack obama are miles apart on so many issues. >> that's right. this is supposed to be a meeting about the world economy, the president came here to make his case about strikes against syria. vladimir putin, you're right, the host of this summit, outside of st. petersburg built by peter the great, constantine's palace, the first session among these group of 20 leaders has run an hour late so far. the din
for change here. without naming names, vladimir putin appeared to dismiss the western-style campaign image, saying that moscow needed concrete leaders. >> we need him politicized people. who work and know what to do and how to do it. who will take responsibility for their actions. initial figures show that turnout was low with only 25% of eligible voters doing so. the elections results as likely to be contested for some time. -- navalny has helped the protests as they see what a real political debate is like. going to in norway are the polls, & stone look good for the current administration. looks to be ousted by the central right opposition coalition, in spite of the country's strong economic performance. norway has been unaffected crisis,by the global results are expected late on monday. with two weeks left to go until general elections in germany, the country's political parties prepare for their final push. angela merkel is on course to lead the christian democrats to their third consecutive victory but leaves nothing to chance. she set out to rally the party base at a campaign event
afternoon. it is thursday september 12th. the secretary of state has a message for vladimir putin, this is not a game. >> vladimir putin has spoken. >> the russian government indicated a willingness to join with the international community. >> the credible threat of u.s. military force brought us this diplomatic opening. >> it has to be real. >> it is not a love letter to the united states. >> the whole purpose is to try to weaken our resolve. >> vladimir putin lecturing about god and equality and democracy in the "new york times." >> i was insulted. >> he is a pretty good writer. >> i almost wanted to volume it. >> the vodka and caviar are flowing. >> he closed with with one simple line, i must break you. >> we have a lot more to do many in government. >> there are also of this speculation. >> i like john boehner. i do feel sorry for him. >> he has to break away from the people. >> only you can win this fight. >> i am well aware of the deadlines. >> the american people are still interested in making sure the american people are getting -- >> good afternoon. we begin with the obam
arriving for the g-20 summit. he and vladimir putin set to meet within hours. it is hard to overstate just how high tensions are between the two leaders and in the past 24 hours, it's gotten even worse. cnn's global coverage of the crisis in syria begins with senior white house correspondent brianna keilar traveling in st. petersburg with the president this morning. good morning, brianna. >> good morning to you, chris. president obama is due to land here in st. petersburg, russia, really any minute out in and head for the g-20 summit, an economic summit where syria will loom large, a big issue obviously in the relationship between the u.s. and russia, and we're told to expect that president obama and president vladimir putin will meet up here on the margins, as we're told, during this summit, in what has become a relationship full of personal animosity. president obama and russian president vladimir putin are set to come face-to-face at the annual meeting of g-20 leaders. obama defending his position to laurvelg strikes. lun launch strikes. >> i didn't set a red line. the world did web the
them and has a doctrine of torture rape and murder. >> how did you feel when you here vladimir v. putin wrote a piece for the new york times, the great new york times right here in this city in which he basically attacked america and barack obama, but did it in a pretty skillful way. >> and blamed the weapons on the rebels, which -- >> right, what was your reaction what you heard about this? >> not surprised. he's an old kgb that has visions of restoration of the old russian empire and he doesn't respect us. he doesn't have respect for us. you can see that in his actions. when he calls john kerry a liar. when he basically snubs the president in various -- >> does he respect america any more than america respects him and russia? >> i think we give him a lot more respect than he deserves. we went through this phony routine where the guy we work with, do you remember that? >> yeah. >> everybody knew he was the puppet. >> putin, whatever your view of putin, he's undisputedly a strong leader and i would say as an outsider looking in, he's played a coming political diplomatic gain. >> right n
. it was a goof, off script. then kerry said, i designed it from the beginning because vladimir putin jumped on it. it's the keystone cops here. >> they didn't have a plan and they are grasping at straws. the time to get vladimir putin on board was when he drew the red line in the sand. h knew he didn't have the support of the american people. he thought he would get congress's support. found out oh he didn't have half of his own people in his own party and certainly with his record and candidly with ambassador rice and the other people in front of us, they put in front of us the people who when they say high confidence give us no confidence. >> how do you think the world is seeing this? how are they viewing all these contradictory remarks? especially through the prism of vladimir putin's involvement now? >> the worry is that across the world there is not respect for the united states when the president puts a red line out there and then we don't act upon it immediately. i just see weakness. look, a lot of this goes back to the fact that president obama and secretary clinton, for two years, didn't
published by "the new york times," regarding vladimir putin, called "a plea for caution for russia." say they should not act unilaterally, president putin says it should be a body to take action to uphold the international law. putin writes that his relationship with obama is marked by growing trust. he encourages the u.s. to try to work with russia to try to solve the crisis in syria. but this is a very direct and very powerful peace and it is not a love letter to the united states. check this out. he says, it is alarming that military intervention involving conflicts is common place for the united states. is it in america's long-term interest, i doubt it. they are relying solely on brute force, with the slogans such as you are either with us or against us. this is the way he ends the piece. he says, i carefully studied president obama's address to the nation on tuesday and i would disagree with the case he made on american exceptionalism, stating that the united states's policy is what makes us different, it is what makes us exceptional. putin says it is extremely dangerous for people
president vladimir putin. look, smiles! still, the meeting pits two leaders with polar opposite views on syria. the "guardian" reports the summit shuffled seating to put the two farther apart. russia says it wants proof that its ally and business partner, bashar al assad, gassed its own people, more proof than the united states has publicly offered up and more proof than the jarring images from the attack two weeks ago showing scores of dead or dying children. well, today more evidence came to light. forget signatures of sarin. the brits now say with certainty a chemical weapon was used in syria. just hours ago we learned that british scientists had confirmed that clothing and soil samples taken from the site of alleged chemical weapons attack in damascus have tested positive for the deadly nerve gas sarin. that attack reportedly left more than 1,400 people dead. the british prime minister, who was unable to convince his parliament to act says the new evidence may still not be enough to change minds. >> for some people there may never be enough evidence. for some in the debate it wasn
to the american people from vladimir putin from the pages of the "new york times." begins as an essay on unilateralism that evolves into criticism. millions around the world increasingly see america not as a model of democracy, writes putin, but relying solely on brute force. he weighs in concluding it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional. we're all different. when we ask for the lords blessings, we must not forget god created us equal. the tone rankled leon panetta as well as chair of foreign relations committee bob menendez. >> putin should be the last person to lecture the united states about human values and human rights. >> to be honest, i was at dinner and almost wanted to vomit. >> the man tasked with sitting down and negotiating, secretary of state john kerry arrived in geneva hours ago. so far remained mum on the latest salvo. in an effort to put 1,000 ton chemical weapons arsenal under international control, each side has been vocal about who truly has the upper hand. yesterday the obama administration continued to assert the americans
. the idea was russian. holding on to the diplomatic initiative press vladimir putin has spoken directly to the american people. writing in the new york times president putin warned that a u.s. strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. it could threaten tire system of international law and order out of balance. millions around the world would increasingly see american not at a model democracy but as relying solely on brought force. >> reporter: in u.n. the next second general says his organization is guilty of a collective failure for its inability to find common ground on the syria crisis. >> i hope that the current discussions related to safeguarding syria's cheap cal weapons stocks will lead to the security council playing an effective role in promoting an end to the syrian tragedy. >> reporter: in damascus the fading threat after an em natural u.s. strike seems to have relieved tension building up there. >> after the russian i accomplish tiff tensions began it ease on the streets of duh mass yodamascus, it's obvious fe activities in the markets. >> reporter:
presidential address to the nation, focusing on syria's crisis. on thursday, russian president vladimir putin responded, in an extraordinary "new york times" op ed, directed at america's political leaders, notably taking aim at obama's claim that american values are exceptional. quote putin, my working and personal relationship with president obama is marked by growing trust. i appreciate this. i carefully studied his address to the nation on tuesday and i would rather disagree with the case he made on america's exceptionalism, stating that the united states policy is, quote, what makes america different. it's what makes us exceptional, unquote. it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. there are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions, and those still finding their way to democracy. their policies differ, too. we are all different, but when we ask for the lord's blessings, we must not forget that god created us equal, unquote. >>> question, why did president putin seize on the state
by president vladimir putin. behind closed doors it will members of congress discuss military action against syria. egypt survives an assassination attempt as a bomb explodes outside cairo. cities across the country call for better working conditions and higher wages for walmart workers. fps. >> president obama and other world leaders have come together for the group of 20 summit. officially they're in st. petersburg to talk about the global economy you about the debate about syria is dominating. also puts it at odds for the host of the summit, russia. mike viqueira is there. mike. >> i'm here in st. petersburg. the president landed early, it was off to the first plenary session where the first person he should meet of course, vladimir putin. he greeted all of the leaders, putin did, at the palace, very i don'ornate surroundings. it was president obama yesterday before arriving here who spoke in stockholm, said look, relations with russia have hit a wall over syria chiefly but over a number of issues on down the line and putin responded seemingly tit-for-tat. he said secretary of state john
really on the upswing or everyone? >>> john mccain takes to the internet to hit back at vladimir putin accusing him of corruption and oppression. >>> there is a new multimillionaire with a single winner to the $400 million powerball jackpot. we'll tell you where. >>> plus, grand theft auto v hauls in $8 million in one day. >>> architects planning to build an invisible skyscraper. >>> true battle of the big men. "early today" starts right now. >>> very good morning to you. i'm richard lui. >>> we begin with two fronts on the economy including a brewing battle on the budget. on wednesday fed chairman ben bernanke said he would continue massive government stimulus to the economy. it sent wall street to all-time highs and futures look higher today but all those green arrows you see may be short-lived. in less than two weeks the government will run out of money. and republicans say they will link defunding of obama care to negotiationsen on the debt kreeing and federal budget. that did not sit well with president obama. >> you have never seen in the history of the united states the debt cei
, reasonable people can disagree on syria. vladimir putin is entitled to his opinion on our political strategy. >> but now putin is taking aim at obama's claims that america is an exceptional nation. >> jon: oh no you did not. (laughter) what part of butter elvis don't you understand? (laughter) >> stating it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. we are all different, but when we ask for the lord's blessings, we must not forget that god created us equal. >> jon: [bleep] is that? when did vladimir putin start watching oprah? what the hell? and by the way, vladimir, i don't think you're the best guy to play the equality card. we are all together, beautiful colors in a rainbow, as long as you don't wave that rainbow as a flag. this is it. you want us to go rocky iv on your ass? because yeah, okay, you might have the superior training, facilities. you might have the superior body types but you picked a fight in "the new york times" op ed page. so guess who you're stepping in the ring with. get ready for the expoundable, yeah, that's r
. and that sentiment was ecoed in syria. earlier, the russian president vladimir putin warned against a military intervention. our correspondent has more now on russia's. >> president vladimir putin smoke with reporters here in russia and had some strong, clear words about the situation in syria. first of all, he said all of this talk of strikes and military intervention from the west is -- he is certain because if the syria regime is making advances against the rebels and it's tactic or technique to try to turn the tide in syria to the rebel's side. he also said that the idea of the government, the assad regime using chemical weapons is absurd. syrian government forces are advancing in some areas that surrounded the rebels. to think that in such a time they would give a trump card for those calling for intervention is up nonsense. >> the president wept on to say of course russia is against weapons of mass destruction specifically chemical weapons and in this case in particular that the global community needs to wait until the u.n. investigation team results are in. and he says that at that time
on a massive scale. >> president vladimir putin also speaking out on the subject of syria, saying he will consider military action. he's one of bashar al assad's greatest allies. jim live in turkey, good morning to you. what more did the president say here, vladimir putin, and what are the implications? >> hi, richard. well, these comments from vladimir putin made in an interview with the associated press, they could be another tricky feint by the president or a potential breakthrough. never before, however, has putin said he would, quote, not exclude supporting a u.n. security council resolution that would back military strikes against syria. and let's remember, that's russia's only ally in the middle east. if, and again, a big if, he can be swayed assad's forces used chemical weapons. historically, russia -- when russia votes in favor of something on the security council, china also follows, so this could be very interesting. obama must now and hopefully he will find time on the sidelines of the g20 starting tomorrow in st. petersburg to personally make that case. still, putin also
on thursday. russian president vladimir putin renewed his claims that the u.s.'s claims were complete nonsense. here in the u.s. the president has gained support from a powerful political opponent. house speaker john boehner, following ameeting with president obama and key congressional leaders boehner did endorse the president's plan. >> only the united states has the ability and capacity to warn others around the world that this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated. this is something that the united states as a country needs to do. i'm going osupport the president's -- to support the president's call for action. i believe that my colleagues should support this call for action. >> also, at the meeting, house minority leader nancy pelosi who reiterated her support for the strike on a humanitarian basis. >>> the president is on his way to st. petersburg, russia for the summit. but on his way he stopped in sweden, the president will focus but syria will become a priori priority. mike viqueira is there with the president. >> it's interesting and since you pointed out, since we are here,
and russia's vladimir putin come face to face today. we'll show you their exchange and how it affects the crisis in syria. >>> a principal accused of shooting her husband multiple times. why was she just released from jail. breaking down this complicated case? a death defying dive and terrifying video as a helicopter goes down. let's play: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! i help support bones... [ ding! ] ...the immune system... [ ding! ] ...heart health... [ ding! ] ...and muscles. [ ding! ] that can only be ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help u eat right. [ major nutrition ] nutrition in charge. california clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade... ranke
, vladimir putin spoke directly to the american people. he warned that a u.s. strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. it could throw the entire system of international law and order out of balance. millions around the world would increasingly see america not as a model of democracy but relying solely on brute force. in new york the u.n. secretary general says that the organization is guilty of a collective failure for its inability to find common ground on the syria crisis. >> i hope that the discussions related to safeguarding syria's chemical weapons stocks will lead to an effective role in promoting an end to the syrian tragedy. >> in damascus the fading threat of an imminent u.s. threat is releaving the tension building there. after the russia initiatives tensions began to ease on the streets of damascus. this is obvious from the activities in the markets. interview:>> outside the calm of damascus, this conflict has claimed the lives of more than 5,000 civilians and forced millions from homes. the al-assad regime may stop using the chemical arsenal, most of th
. >>> vladimir putin's open letter to the american people seems to be going down about as well as a borscht smoothie. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." russia's president lectures the u.s. over syria in an op-ed, telling the american people stop thinking we're special. our guest, senator john mccain calls putin's words an insult. >>> the politics lead. he wanted strikes, then he put the onus on congress. only after that did he give peace a chance through this round of diplomacy. the syrian crisis is challenging. president obama's deliberative nature at every turn. >>> and the national lead. colorado just cannot win. first it was wildfires, now it's flash floods sweeping away cars, washing out roads. what's next, a plague of locusts? good afternoon. i'm jake tapper. welcome to "the lead." we'll begin with the world lead. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva meeting with his counterpart, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. their summit is crucial in determining whether the u.s. should buy into russia's plan to strip syria of its chemical weapons and also in determining just how s
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-on-one on one with russian president vladimir putin. the relations between the two men have soured tremendously in the last few months. >> vladimir putin and barack obama have had an uneasy relationship over the course of their presidency with the obama criticism of putin over transparency. in thein has one foot old ways of doing the old business and one foot in the new. >> the two have clashed over human rights and most recently over syria with russia and the security council resolutions --inst the assad tritium regime, but they say the relationship is one of mutual respect. >> the purpose of being pleasant to russia. he has not been elected to be pleasant to anyone. we work on issues. we are human. >> most recently, the two have disagreed over giving nsa whistleblower edward snowden asylum. vladimir pruden said it was the u.s. that pushed edward snowden on russia. not want him. he was traveling to other countries, and as soon as he became airborne, our american partners block his further moments. they blocked him in our territory by themselves. >> barack obama is filing back on his own. russi
attack and vlad vladimir putin talks about military strikes. >> congress takes the first step towards allowing president obama to take military action against syria. a short time ago the senate foreign relations committee approved the president taking military strike. that move took place as the foreighouse foreign affairs cone to debate. >> the president is committed to additional efforts in support of the opposition, together with friends and allies in the region in a coordinated way in order to achieve that with the understanding that the ultimate transition will come and can come through a negotiated settlement, a political resolution. >> kerry, hagel and dempsey testified before the house foreign affairs committee. con citiesinconsisting of 45 mee republicans, and 21 are democrats. the heated exchange whe about te topic of bengahzi. >> this is not about getting into civil war. this is enforcing the principle that people should not be allowed to gas their civilians with impunity. it and assad feeling like he can do this any day he wants to. that's what this is about. he let's draw
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